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The Dirty Inning, Episode 6: A Byrd at the End of the World

With Y2K on the horizon, Paul Byrd and the Phillies took the field on April 14, 1999 with the intention of living it up before the world was swallowed by chaos.

"This year," the Phillies thought in 1999, "we'll finally take down those pesky Braves."

But instead of doing that, they didn't, and Atlanta's unprecedented dominance over the NL East continued. On April 14, with future all-star Paul Byrd on the mound, the Phillies' hopes of crawling out from underneath the Braves were dashed almost immediately as "No Scrubs" by TLC played in the background and everyone wondered if reality was just some sort computer program "matrix" designed to hide us from the real world.

Join Justin and Trevor as they relive the events of April 14, 1999 on Episode 6 of The Dirty Inning.