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Aaron Nola, sacrifice bunts and never-ending spring training. Felske Files Episode 101.

On this episode of the podcast, John Stolnis and Justin Klugh discuss about Nola’s spring, the wisdom of sacrifice bunting, and how spring training is just way too long.

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MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the regular season to start.

No, it’s not actually time for the regular season to start, the team still has another week before the real games begin. But it should be time for the regular season to start.

Spring training is way too long. From the time players begin to arrive in early February through the latter part of March, it doesn’t take two full months for pitchers to ramp up and be ready for the regular season. Baseball should find a way to shorten spring training so that we can all get on with this.

That issue was among the items discussed on this edition of “The Felske Files.”

Among other items talked about on this week’s show...

  • The Phillies continue to make roster moves as the final 25-man roster begins to take shape.
  • Tyler Goeddel’s demotion to AA Reading must have been tough on the kid. What does that mean for Brock Stassi’s chances of making the big club?
  • Kyle Kendrick is going to make the Boston Red Sox rotation after a fantastic spring? How do you feel about that? Are you happy for him?
  • Clay Buchholz is hoping to have the same kind of “Brian Bannister” effect happen to him this year, but if this spring is any indication, we shouldn’t hold our breaths.
  • Former Phillies manager Dallas Green passed away last week. We discuss his legacy with the organization.
  • Final thoughts on the World Baseball Classic, a great event that got buried by the very league hoping to make it a success.
  • Ian Kinsler’s comments, which dominated the final game and social media.
  • Is sacrifice bunting a lost art? When is it OK, or advisable, to lay down a sacrifice bunt? Why is it dying? And when is it OK to bunt, in general?
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