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That time John Kruk punked Chase Utley so so hard.

Chase Utley was once a fresh-faced rookie on the receiving end of a Kruk-led prank.

Our memories of Chase Utley suffer from recency bias. We remember the Utley of later years, the grizzled veteran, the guy playing out the string on a borderline Hall of Fame career, now with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We forget that Utley was once a young pup, a mere babe in the woods, a doe-eyed rookie who was still living in hotels with four pairs of socks to his name, impressionable and, dare I say, a little gullible.

It is with this in mind we present the video below to you, courtesy of CSN Philly. After the game in which he got his first MLB hit (a grand slam, which you can watch below), Utley was joined by now-Phils broadcaster John Kruk, then-manager Larry Bowa and then-general manager Ed Wade in Bowa’s office.

At issue, a very serious roster snafu.

It was priceless.

It’s amazing that this tape has not been made public before, but it’s here now, and it makes all our lives just a little bit better.

And here is video of that grand slam that still must have been racing through Utley’s mind as he sat down with the bigwigs of the franchise.

Good stuff, gang.