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Phillies news and links — Spring training continues, somehow

The Phillies are still playing meaningless games and it may never stop oh god the monsters are coming for meeeeeee

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Philadelphia Phillies Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the last few years, the Phillies have been on their way back to Citizens Bank Park right now to play the On-Deck Series. Two or three exhibition games at CBP right before the season starts. And last year, they played the Phillies Futures Game, where the big league club plays the minor league guys. This year, though, they’re doing none of that. Actually none. A few years ago, they thankfully abandoned the (apostate) Red Phanatic, which they used to get people hyped about the upcoming season.

It feels like the Phillies have given up this year. They’re loading up on theme nights and cutting their giveaways, too. It’s an interesting approach. I’m not sure I like it, but we’ll see.

And now, the news, because spring training is STILL somehow going on.

Jeremy Hellickson is ready for the season

Hellickson tuned up in his final spring start yesterday, and he did pretty well. He allowed one hit and struck out three. But at the end, he said “I’m ready.” So he’s ready! Get excited! Please! I’m begging you, try.

The Phillies split squad games went well

Jim Salisbury wrapped up the Phillies’ split squad game yesterday. Brock Stassi hit a home run and Daniel Nava hit a three-run home run. Adam Morgan and Joely Rodriguez had great games, and Salisbury thinks at least Morgan will break camp with the team. Luis Garcia, though, used 45 pitches in two innings, so things aren’t looking as good for him.

CSNPhilly’s Gregg Murphy has a daughter

Not that this is surprising. He’s a normal human man, why shouldn’t he have a daughter? His daughter, not surprisingly, looks a lot like him. Her name is Quinn Murphy, and she spoke to CSNPhilly about how sports have impacted her life. She seems pretty rad, though I’m disappointed she didn’t ask CSNPhilly (through the camera) why they keep putting her poor father in the far off deserted corners of cavernous stadiums to interview birds and ballpark phantoms and such while Tom McCarthy and the supremely untalented Ben Davis are sitting in nice chairs with a roof over their heads, most definitely not interviewing birds.

Tweet of the day

This is exactly how things will play out on Monday, mark my words! Actually, don’t mark my words. I’m going to be wrong.