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Battling the Yankees for Bryce Harper: Felske Files Episode 95

In this edition of The Felske Files, John Stolnis and Justin Klugh from SB Nation's "The Good Phight" chat about the Phillies' impending battle with the New York Yankees after the 2018 season for the services of Bryce Harper. How much would be too much, or is that not even possible? Also, Roman Quinn covers the land with his feet and glove, Jesse Biddle's comeback began against his old team, Aaron Nola's first spring start and the World Baseball Classic is underway... but will you be watching?

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The Phillies are considered one of the favorites to land Bryce Harper after the 2018 season.

Let that previous sentence soak into your brains. According to Jon Heyman of FanragSports, the Phils and Yankees are expected to duke it out (with the Nationals in the mix as well) for Harper's services. But how high could the bidding go?

Some say $400 million over 10 years. Some say $500 million. Is half a billion too much for any player? Or nah?

Also, John Stolnis and Justin Klugh recap the weekend's action, with thoughts on spectacular defensive plays from Roman Quinn and Andres Blanco, and the return to the mound by former Phils top prospect and first round pick Jesse Biddle, now with the Atlanta Braves.

In addition, conversation about Aaron Nola's first start of the spring, and the World Baseball Classic is now underway. Do you care if the U.S. wins? Also, some insight as to why the WBC will be good for two Phillies in particular.

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