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Phillies news and links — Jeanmar Gomez won’t close for long

Today we’re talking about the Phillies’ closer situation, Cesar Hernandez’s fighting words, and there’s also a baby eating a baseball.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

To start with, let’s be clear: the Nationals are going to make the Phillies pay at some point. The Phillies almost swept them this weekend, and they’re going to be a great team, so we can’t forget that the Nats are going to seek their revenge on the Phillies for what they’ve done.

But how great was that yesterday!? I’m not sure if the 2016 or 2015 or 2014 Phillies could do that. Or any of what the Phillies did this weekend! Let’s look back at this series for a minute. On Friday, the Phillies almost overcame a seven-run deficit, scoring six runs in the final four innings. They couldn’t get anything going against Max Scherzer, but the Nationals bullpen completely imploded. The Phillies were one hit away from tying that game. On Saturday, the Phillies completely unloaded on Jeremy Guthrie, scoring a franchise-record 12 runs in the first inning and another five the rest of the way. The Nats scored only three runs on Aaron Nola and the Phillies. And on Sunday, the Phillies blanked the Nats through eight innings until Jeanmar exploded, but were able to win on a walk-off.

This is a team with some fight in them. This is a team I could fall in love with. Hell, I already AM in love with this team.

And now, the news.

Jeanmar Gomez may not be the closer for much longer

So this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Jeanmar has allowed runs in two of his three appearances thus far, and when your closer does that, it’s time to reevaluate. The awesome Corey Seidman of CSNPhilly wrote about Gomez and manager Pete Mackanin’s feelings about him. Not surprisingly, Mack didn’t have much to say other than what we already know, but he said he’d have news after speaking with Gomez. I don’t think that Mack will move any one person into the closers role yet, I think it’ll be like last year: he’ll try a few relievers and one of them will earn it. Sorry, Jeanmar. It was good while it lasted.

Cesar Hernandez says “Let’s go fight.”

Aaaaahhhhhhh do I love this team. In his piece about Sunday’s Phillies game, Ben Harris included such a marvelous quote from Cesar Hernandez.

"Everybody is family," Hernandez said. "So everybody said, 'Let's go and fight.' We were doing that almost the whole game, so why not do it now?"

This is the greatest team in the history of the universe. Okay, so not quite. But I just love that.

Andrew Knapp is still loving life

The Phillies’ backup catcher, Andrew Knapp, had his second major league start on Sunday. And it was a pretty good day. Matt Gelb tweeted this midway through the game.

And not that long after, Knapp got his first major league hit. And it was off Stephen Strasburg. Which Knapp told Corey Seidman was “pretty cool.” Indeed, Andrew! Indeed.

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