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How well do you know your Phillies? Take the quiz

How well do you know how each of the Phillies got to the team? Take this quiz and use your results to brag to everyone you know. Or, if you picked Aaron Nola as the guy traded by the Diamondbacks, hide your head in shame...

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

How well do you know the Phillies 25-man roster? And even if you know them well, do you know how each one of them made it onto this Phillies team?

Consider this a quiz about origin stories. We're familiar with some of the great origin stories in modern baseball. Take the two inductees into the Hall of Fame last summer, whose origin stories couldn't be more different. Ken Griffey Jr. came from a pedigreed baseball family and was picked first in the 1987 draft. On the other hand, the Dodgers picked Mike Piazza as a gift to Tommy Lasorda (a friend of Piazza's father) when he was picked 1390th (62nd round) in the 1988 draft.

Or some famous Phillies origin stories. Shane Victorino was a Rule 5 draftee that the Phillies tried to return to the Dodgers but they refused. Bobby Abreu was traded by the Devil Rays to the Phillies for Kevin Stocker after the Rays took Abreu from the Astros in the expansion draft. Or J.D. Drew (boooo!), who was drafted by the Phillies only to reject their offers and re-enter the draft the next year, when he was drafted by the Cardinals.

Those are some of the stories that we know well. But how well do you know these origin stories for the current Phillies' roster? Well, here you can find out. Take this quiz and maybe learn a little bit about the current roster in the process. You'll have to score yourself, since we can't do it for you, but you can enter your results at the bottom and talk about it in the comments. Enjoy!


Easing us into this, just 5 to deal with here and none too extreme in difficulty. Here's the answer key for the starters: 1 - d; 2 - c; 3 - a; 4 - e; 5 - b.


The relievers are tougher, both because there are more of them and not all are so strongly associated with a past team or deal. Here's the answer key: 6 - h; 7 - f; 8 - l; 9 - k; 10 - g; 11 - j; 12 - i.

Like the relievers, this one is tough because there are a lot of them, but also because it requires a good sense of timing, not just origin team. Here's the answer key: 13 - o; 14 - t; 15 - q/s; 16 - q/s; 17 - m; 18 - r; 19 - n; 20 - p.

Probably the easiest one of the four, as the stories are different and mostly pretty recent. Here's the answer key: 21 - u; 22 - y; 23 - x; 24 - w; 25 - v.

A couple of surprises for me in doing this. First, I didn't realize Hernandez and Galvis were signed by the Phillies on the same day. Apparently the Phils' Venezuelan scout was very busy on July 2, 2006. Second, I also didn't realize how many Phillies were drafted one year but then didn't sign so entered the draft again in a future year. In particular, I either never knew or forgot that Nola was drafted by the Blue Jays three years before the Phillies got him in the first round.

So how'd you do? We'll trust you to report your score honestly here.