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Phillies news and links — Pete Rose elected to the Wall of Fame

Today, we’re talking Pete Rose, Edubray Ramos, and Brock Stassi.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

So, did anything happen last night? Anything major or dramatic? Like someone getting thrown at, maybe? Oh, we’ll get to that later. Believe me.

Pete Rose is going on the Phillies Wall of Fame

Phillies faithful have voted, and their feelings are now known. They passed over Placido Polanco (understandable) and Scott Rolen (NOT UNDERSTANDABLE) to elect Pete Rose to the Phillies Wall of Fame. As Kevin Cooney mentions, Rose has often been absent from big Phillies celebrations in the past, so this is his official welcome to the world of Phillies love-fests. Honestly, it feels like this was inevitable. Cincinnati has done nothing but shower Rose with love, and there’s been a concerted effort from Rose (and his people) to rehabilitate his image. He’s the cranky old man on Fox Sports’ baseball coverage, and getting him on that show really normalized him again. And after Dallas Green died, it almost felt like this was the right thing to do. No matter how you feel about Rose (and personally, I’m torn), this is happening. So the only thing we can do is roll with it. The guy is part of Phillies history, after all. And we wouldn’t be good fans if we didn’t at least recognize (if not accept) our team’s history.

So, about last night...

Dajafi recapped last night’s game for us, but we have to talk about it here a little bit. In the late innings, with the game tied, Edubray Ramos essentially threw behind Asdrubal Cabrera’s head. He later said the pitch slipped and it had nothing to do with the monster home run that Cabrera hit off him last year, which Cabrera pimped with a bat flip. I’m not sure that’s true.

Pete Mackanin responded, of course. Well, after he was ejected from the game by the touchiest, most oversensitive umpire ever. (Not ever, probably, but close.)

I was super duper hoping that this was some kind of beef left over from the WBC. It wouldn’t have made Ramos’ actions any better, but it’s definitely more interesting than “my fee fees were hurt because he pimped a home run in a game that was essentially meaningless to my team.” If players started to bring WBC drama into MLB games, that would add another layer of awesome drama and storytelling to the season. Instead, it’s the same old boring, hyper-macho reason as always. “WAAAAH HE SHOWED ME UP SO I’M GONNA THROW AT HIS FACE.” YAWN. Give me a break.

Around the Phight

Tweet of the day

I’ve got two for you today. First, Brock Stassi got his first major league hit last night. AND IT WAS A HOME RUN!!

EEEEEEEE! The guy who caught the ball didn’t seem interested in giving it back, which is a MAJOR dick move (if you ask me), but apparently he did eventually give it back so they could give it to Brock.

And now, some spring training justice.