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Clay Buchholz leaves game that was going pretty poorly anyway

The Phillies starter seemed doomed to depart early even before his discomfort.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The 2.1 innings Clay Buchholz gave the Phillies on Tuesday night weren’t what you would call “solid.”

The 32-year-old veteran making his second start for the Phillies, or any non-Red Sox team, allowed eight hits, six earned runs, one home run (of the seven the Phillies allowed on the night), and two walks. Then, in the third, Cameron Rupp beckoned for the trainer and Buchholz left the game with a right forearm strain. In his previous start, Buchholz lasted five innings, surrendering four earned runs, eight hits, and two walks.

The Phillies traded for Buchholz hoping he’d eat some innings and allow young starters like Zach Eflin the chance to develop in Triple A. Should he be diagnosed with anything serious, that plan could be over before the end of April - before even the end of mid-April, really; akin to Charlie Morton’s abrupt and early exit to the season in 2016, who had been signed for a similar purpose.

In his career that has spanned 11 years, Buchholz has been placed on the disabled list for a torn finger nail, a pulled hamstring, a stress fracture in his back, a "gastrointestinal situation,” and a neck strain. He is what you would call, if not an “injury risk,” then perhaps a “health risk” or at least a “six earned runs in less than three innings” risk.

The game did not improve from there, with Mets fans having poured out of the sewer system which they, as pale, toxic mole beings, use for travel, and infested Citizens Bank Park. Their guttural cries disturbed the night as they slapped their meaty, malformed paws together, growing more raucous as the evening continued.

The Phillies optioned Adam Morgan to Lehigh Valley following tonight’s game.