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Clay Buchholz has a flexor pronator tear

Clay Buchholz is getting a second opinion, and this all happened very quickly.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no good news to be had today, as an MRI of Clay Buchholz’s right forearm revealed a partial tear of the flexor pronator mass. *ominous music*

And those words were followed by the three bone-chillingest words in all of baseball: Dr. James Andrews.

You don’t see DJA (my new nickname for him) unless you really need to. We all developed a false sense of security when David Price saw him last month and managed to come away unscathed. But most of the time when you go see him, you probably need surgery.

Buchholz’s time with the Phillies had only just begun. They traded for him in December and sent second baseman Josh Tobias to the Red Sox in exchange. Buchholz had an absolutely atrocious spring, and his first start with the Phillies didn’t go very well. He gave up four runs in five innings, but that was a excellent compared to his start on Tuesday night in which he gave up six runs in 2.1 innings before calling out the trainer.

This isn’t good. Best case scenario, the Phillies have lost Buchholz for months. Worst case, he never throws another pitch in a Phillies uniform. With off days on Thursday and next Monday (seriously?), the Phillies have a little flexibility with their rotation. They may not need another starting pitcher until midway through next week. Since Buchholz isn’t getting definitive news about his arm until Monday, the Phillies may be able to survive for a little while without calling up another staring pitcher. Which is good, since Zach Eflin just got off the disabled list and probably needs more time in Triple-A before he slots into the rotation.

In the meantime, to replace the optioned Adam Morgan, Luis García has been called up for the eight millionth time.

Things are going great.