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Phillies news and links — Michael Martinez pitched last night

Mini-Mart pitches clean, Freddy Galvis talks about himself, and tweets, tweets, tweets galore!

Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Good morning and happy Friday! Since yesterday was an off day, what I have for you today are tweets of many varieties. Tweets, tweets, all kinds of tweets. Why look! Here’s one now!

Pitching prospect Sixto Sanchez is awesome

I know Jay will cover this in his minor league round-up, but all of my Phillies friends were talking about Sixto last night. I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to Jay, but I’ll give you a little taste.

Oh yeah. Here’s a little something else.


Michael Martinez pitched a scoreless inning

You may remember Michael Martinez as one of the more frustrating and futile Phillies bench players in recent history. He caught on with the Indians last year, and almost got himself a World Series ring. The Indians suffered a blowout loss at the hands of the White Sox last night, and Martinez actually pitched. This is the only thing that needs to be said.

Freddy Galvis says things

Nondescript heading, I know, but stay with me! Freddy Galvis joined Jon Johnson on WIP to talk about, well, life. He talked about lots of stuff, including Allen Iverson. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Freddy talk about himself at any length, so I’m really looking forward to checking this out.

Around the Phight

What do we have today? First, we have podcasts!

John’s Felske Files podcast gets better and better, which is insane because it’s already so good, so don’t miss out.

There’s also a new episode of The Dirty Inning!

But Justin’s not done yet.

He’d like to ask you to listen to him, please.

And now for a few other things Around the Phight.

Tweet of the day

I’ll leave you with this, one of my all-time favorite Klugh tweets.

Have a great weekend, everyone!