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Phillies news and links — Let’s talk about Cesar Hernandez

In today’s news and links, we chat about Cesar Hernandez and Sunday’s fail horn of a game.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I think we all wanted this weekend’s games to turn out differently. Two losses, one win, and the Nationals have their revenge. Let’s get to the news.

Sunday’s 6-4 ninth-inning loss was pretty terrible

What an enormous wet fart that game turned out to be. (And my condolences to Justin Klugh for having to recap it.) The Phillies work and work all game, make it to the ninth inning, and then, well, that’s why the Nationals should be feared. The heart of their order has Bryce Harper followed by Daniel Murphy. If you can get past those guys and keep your ninth inning lead, you played with hot fire and won.

Joaquin Benoit, the lungs that coughed up that ninth-inning lead, made no excuses when he talked to Jim Salisbury after the game.

"I believe every hitter is dangerous," Benoit said. "If you throw a pitch they can handle they will do damage. I've had some success against him, but I made a mistake and he made me pay. No excuses."

Now the question: how much of a leash does Pete Mackanin give Benoit? At the very least, he should get two more chances. That’s the same as Jeanmar Gomez got. After that, I’m guessing it’s Hector Neris time, which is where we’ve been heading all season.

Cesar Hernandez is good, right?

Asking this question seems stupid, especially after the last two seasons. But to me, his average has always been high but relatively empty. This season, though? Things are different. I have no doubt we’ll have a more in-depth analysis of Cesar’s increasing awesomeness this week, but here are a few tweets to give you some idea of what Cesar’s been doing.

Around the Phight

There’s a new episode of Felske Files!

There will be a post up for that episode later, but here’s a quote in the meantime:

Justin Klugh also wrote about Zach Eflin’s impending call-up for a Tuesday start. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Tweet of the day

Watch this if you need a pick-me-up on this Monday.

And more angles!

Amazingness #Nats

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