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Phillies news and links — Oh what a night

The Phillies beat the Mets, and that’s all we’re talking about.

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Guys! Hey guys! Hey hey hey hey guys! Pay attention!



But it totally happened. It took four hours and eight million pitchers, but it absolutely happened. So let’s talk about it!

But first, go and read TGK’s fantastic recap. And then we can talk about it!

Zach Eflin was awesome, and so was the bullpen

Eflin had a rough first inning, but sat down 12 of the last 14 batters he faced. He gave up two runs, but they were all in the first. And the bullpen? Oh, the bullpen.

Music to my ear holes.

Freddy Galvis’ mistake didn’t matter

In the eighth inning, Galvis failed to run out a pop up that Jose Reyes ended up dropping. It was part of a confluence of events that allowed the Phillies to tie the game, but not take the lead. It was not something we’re used to seeing Galvis do, and thankfully it didn’t end up mattering, but it wasn’t great. It’s hard to hold it against Freddy in the long run, because again: he never really does this kind of thing. Here’s what Pete Mackanin had to say about it.

Hard to disagree with you, Mack.

Andy MacPhail talks pitching with reporters

Whenever team president Andy MacPhail talks to reporters, I feel better, because he always says the right things. It’s not like Ruben Amaro saying the “right” things to get reporters to stop asking him questions, it feels more honest than that. He spoke to reporters yesterday, mostly about the Clay Buchholz injury and its ramifications, and said things like this (from Todd Zolecki’s article) about the trade itself:

"I think there's a difference between reviewing your decision-making process and determining if there were any pieces of information that you should have considered that you didn't," MacPhail said. "I don't think that's the case.

"What you can do differently is not have to depend upon getting pitching from that area, really. It's one of the reasons that you haven't seen us go beyond a year. An organization can absorb an injury for a year. You just don't want one that's going to sink you."

It’s like angels singing and kittens mewing and unicorns galloping across a grassy plain. Read the whole thing, you won’t be sorry.

Around the Phight

Tweet of the day

Because the Twitter feed of our friend Chris Jones (AKA Long Drive) is always gold, I thought I’d feature a few of his tweets that won’t get us a takedown notice from MLBAM’s lawyers. (I hate you, MLBAM! Never forget that I hate you with all my heart!)

This was almost us last night.

I just love this gif of Cameron Rupp.

He may kind of suck as a catcher, but as a dude he’s absolutely adorable.