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The Good Phight’s 2017 Over/Under/Never Predictions

Now with spicier chili, bigger monster trucks and more unpredictability!

Boston Red Sox v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

There is still no chili and no monster trucks, but boy if you want unpredictability, we’ve got that in spades. You know, I wonder if you could make chili with unpredictability...

Ed note: Shut up, Phrozen.

Fine. Ahem, let’s get to it. Here’s how this works: Below is a list of “events,” for which you, the prognosticators, must decide either if the event will occur before or after (under or over) a certain date, will total above or below a given total; or predict the outcome more specifically (i.e. Soandso Johnson will hit 65 dingers).

Points will be awarded based on the number of guesses correct; if no guess is correct, the player(s) with the closest answer will get credit. Extra credit and bonus points will be awarded approximately “as I feel like it,” for answers of extraordinary greatness or precision, or that are otherwise noteworthy.

Main Events

  1. Phillies’ first walkoff loss - April 20
  2. Phillies’ first walkoff win - May 1
  3. Andrew Knapp’s first Major League home run - May 15
  4. Phillies’ first save by someone other than Jeanmar Gomez - June 1
  5. Cameron Rupp’s 50th career caught stealing (as C, needs 6) - June 25
  6. Odubel Herrera’s 20th career outfield assist (needs 4) - July 1
  7. Cesar Hernandez’s 20th career triple (needs 5) - July 5
  8. Hector Neris’ 200th career strikeout (needs 56) - July 15
  9. J.P. Crawford’s Major League debut - July 31
  10. Maikel Franco’s 75th career home run (needs 36) - September 30
  11. Lowest single-game road attendance (last year: 4/7 in Cincinnati at 10,784)
  12. Lowest single-game home attendance (last year: 9/15 w/ Pirates at 15,247)
  13. Days spent at or above a .500 record (last year: 47)
  14. Tommy Joseph’s end-of-season OPS+ (last year: 115)
  15. Dylan Cozens’ end-of-season home run total across all levels (last year: 44)
  16. Mickey Moniak’s end-of-season hit total across all levels (last year: 50)
  17. Scott Kingery’s end-of-season stolen base total across all levels (last year: 31)
  18. Total number of pitches thrown by all Phillies pitchers (last year: 23,836)
  19. Total number of pitches faced by all Phillies hitters (last year: 22,888)
  20. The greater of: strikes thrown by Phillies pitchers or strikes faced by Phillies hitters (last year: pitchers)
  21. Total runs scored by Phillies (last year: 610)
  22. Total runs allowed by Phillies (last year: 796)
  23. Most Phillie runs scored in a single game (last year: 13)
  24. Total attendance at Citizen’s Bank Park (last year: 1,915,144)
  25. Total WAR (B-R version) accumulated by Phillies (last year: 7.2)
  26. Total value of largest in-season contract and/or extension - O/U $25,000,000
  27. Phillies’ leading HR hitter (last year: Franco/Howard at 25)
  28. Phillies’ leading strikeout pitcher (last year: Eickhoff, 167)
  29. Phillies’ leading WAR pitcher or player (last year: Herrera, 4.4)
  30. Phillies’ season win total (last year: 71)

Bonus: The greater of: Phillies wins or Eagles (7) + Flyers (37+) + Sixers (28+) wins

Phormer Phillies Bonus Round

  1. Joe Blanton’s 100th career Win (needs 1) - May 15
  2. Chase Utley’s 1,000th career RBI (needs 23) - June 25
  3. Cole Hamels’ 150th career Win (needs 14) - September 15
  4. Carlos Ruiz’s 9,000 career inning at C (needs 405) - September 15
  5. Darin Ruf’s season home run total in the KBO (he has 1 as of 3/31!) - O/U 30

Around the League Around the League Around the League

  1. NL Most Valuable Player (last year: Kris Bryant)
  2. NL Cy Young winner (last year: Max Scherzer)
  3. NL Rookie of the Year (last year: Corey Seager)
  4. NL Pennant Winner (last year: Cubs)
  5. Best NL team in Interleague Play (last year: Cubs)

All WAR values will all be the Baseball-Reference version. Entries will be accepted in the comments below until April 10. Any events that occur prior to your entry will not be counted, but you can still enter until the deadline.


This year’s contest is dedicated to Dallas Green, Ruben Amaro Sr. and Ken Rosenclaws. Rest in peace, fellas.