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Game Thread 4/20: Phillies at Mets

It ends tonight.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Guess who remembered to put “Game Thread” in the title this time, instead of “Game Recap?” Why it’s me, your attentive blog mistress.

After tonight, the Phillies are done with the Mets for awhile. (::checks calendar:: oh thank god.) They don’t see each other again for two whole months, which makes me want to throw a parade.


Today's Lineups

Cesar Hernandez - 2B Curtis Granderson - RF
Daniel Nava - LF Asdrubal Cabrera - SS
Odubel Herrera - CF Yoenis Cespedes - LF
Maikel Franco - 3B Jay Bruce - 1B
Aaron Altherr - RF Neil Walker - 2B
Tommy Joseph - 1B Michael Conforto - CF
Freddy Galvis - SS Jose Reyes - 3B
Andrew Knapp - C Noah Syndergaard - RHP
Aaron Nola - RHP Rene Rivera - C

Aaron Nola! Aaron Nola! It’s so nice to be excited about Aaron Nola again. I can’t wait to see how he does against the Mets tonight. I hope he stifles them, and then Jay Bruce gets picked up by an angry vulture and dropped into Long Island Sound.

Seriously I hate that guy, and if he was on the Phillies, I’d still hate him.

Discuss the game in the comments below.