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Phillies news and links — This team is pretty great

It’s hard to dismiss what the Phillies are doing right now.

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Oh man, what a game! What a game on Sunday, and what a marvelous weekend sweep.

I know we feel like this happens every year, that the Phillies do well in April/early May, and then free fall to the bottom of the heap while we watch helplessly. And we say this every year too: maybe this time it’ll be different. But seriously, maybe this time it’ll be different. It feels different this time. It doesn’t feel like they’re playing that far above their talent level. Maybe this is the year it actually WILL be different.

Three straight home runs are amazing

Not like this is news to anyone, but holy crap, it was the most exciting thing to happen this season. Because I want you to start your Monday off right, here’s this:

Oh, and you want a gif of Odubel’s bat flip? DRINK IT IN!

Cesar Hernandez is a beast

Corey Seidman of CSNPhilly did a wrap-up of yesterday’s game, and got this great quote from Pete Mackanin about Cesar Hernandez.

"He's an on-base guy and a leadoff hitter and now I'm starting to think of him as a cleanup hitter as well," Mackanin said jokingly.

How incredible has Cesar Hernandez been lately?


Ryan Howard thinks everything is weird, too

Ryan Howard made his debut for the Gwinnett Braves over the weekend, and he spoke to Fox Sports Atlanta about how great his swing feels, and how weird it is that he’s playing for one of the Phillies’ longtime rivals.

Yeah. It’s weird. I’m still mostly pretending it’s not happening. But speaking of former Phillies, why don’t we check in with another beloved longtime Phillie who isn’t with us any longer.


Well, that’s not the best way to end today’s news and links, but if this has bummed you out, go back up to the top of the page and look at that home run gif again. It’ll get you on the right track.

Have a great Monday, fam.