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Phillies news and links — Rain, rain, go away

Nick Pivetta is delayed, Joely Rodriguez is good again, and Vince Papale is here also, for some reason.

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Good morning, all! I hope you’ll excuse the absence of this column yesterday, as I overslept and was so tired that I could barely type my own name.

Let’s look at the news.

Rain robs Nick Pivetta of Wednesday debut

Last night’s rainout led to the delay of Nick Pivetta’s MLB debut, and so I say BOO RAIN. But he’s still excited about it regardless, as he told Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.

"I've achieved my goal of getting here eventually," the 24-year-old right-hander said. "I'm happy to be here. I want to get my feet on solid ground right now and just take it one step at a time."

Pivetta idolized Roy Halladay growing up, so I have absolutely no reason not to love him wholeheartedly. He’s been owning down in Triple-A, and should now make his debut on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Brock Stassi meets Vince Papale, because of course

Stassi is Philadelphia’s new underdog hero, so why wouldn’t he meet Vince Papale, Philly’s former underdog hero? No, no, not Mark Wahlberg. Vince Papale! They traded signed merch and Stassi generally looked adorable. Mike Murphy of CSNPhilly and Ben Harris of both wrote about this, so pick your pleasure.

NFL Draft is making life difficult for the Marlins

Guys, the Marlins had to stay all the way in Delaware!!!

They had to spend an entire day there doing nothing because of yesterday’s rainout. THANKS, NFL.

Joely Rodriguez is awesome again

Matt Breen of wrote about Joely Rodriguez and his recent resurgence. After a rough start Rodriguez has righted the ship. The main change? How he holds his glove. Give it a read!

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