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ESPN’s Keith Law and an Iron Pigs report card

On Episode 110 of “The Felske Files,” host John Stolnis interviews ESPN’s Keith Law about his new book “Smart Baseball,” and gets a one-month report card on the Phillies’ AAA affiliate with beat writer Tom Housenick of “The Morning Call.”

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What is “smart baseball?”

No, it’s not a spherically-shaped device that allows you to check your email, access a GPS, and order a pizza all at the same time. ESPN’s Keith Law’s new book, “Smart Baseball,” is designed to educate both the lay person and give the experienced baseball fan a better understanding of the antiquated stats that need to go bye-bye, and the new ones that need to be embraced.

On this week’s show, host John Stolnis talks to Law about his book, as well as the struggles of J.P. Crawford.

But that’s not all!

  • First, a recap of the Phils’ two-game sweep of the Marlins and their 6-game winning streak.
  • How are they keeping Giancarlo Santon in check?
  • The Phillies have surged while the Mets have sunk 10 feet into the ground
  • The Phils’ schedule turns BRUTAL over the next 15 games (and it ain’t great for the 10 games after that)
  • Maikel Franco’s luck is finally changing, and the numbers are starting to normalize
  • He’s playing so much better than the statistics indicate
  • Jeremy Hellickson continues to deal (1.80 ERA after 5 starts)
  • Aaron Nola injury update (he’s doing pretty good, guys)
  • INTERVIEW with Keith Law
  • Which one stat is the absolute worst in all of baseball?
  • What new sabermetric stats are the most important for a baseball fan to know?
  • What are the positives and negatives of Wins Above Replacement?
  • Dispel some of the myths between scouting and new data
  • J.P. Crawford is struggling in Lehigh Valley... at what point would you send him down?
  • INTERVIEW with Tom Housenick
  • The good: Rhys Hoskins and Jorge Alfaro... how close are they to coming to the Majors?
  • The rotation is holding their own, Jake Thompson doing much better now.
  • The ugly: Crawford has a hit in 3 of his last 4 games... is he coming out of it?
  • Does Crawford have an attitude problem?
  • Dylan Cozens, Roman Quinn and Nick Williams updates
  • Sabermetrics 101: wOBA and wRC+ explained
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