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Phillies news and links — Philadelphia, city of awesomeness

We talk about the Phillies today, but also about the draft and the overall amazingness of the city of Philadelphia.

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images


I mean, good morning! It’s nice to see that the city of Philadelphia still exists after the first night of the NFL draft. And also THE PHILLIES WON AGAIN.

I’ll have more to say over the weekend about why we should all be careful with our feelings here, and why we can’t and shouldn’t let our imaginations run away with us. But this is fun. These guys are fun. And it would be against the laws of baseball, not to mention the purpose, to not enjoy these guys while they’re fun.

Now, since the Phillies finished their game around 4:00 yesterday, and then the team and the beat writers got on planes headed to Los Angeles, we’re a little short on Phillies stories. But you’ll see I’ve picked up the slack where necessary.

The Phillies have won six in a row

It’s pretty wonderful that the Phillies have swept the Braves and also technically the Marlins (it’s tough to really say that due to the rainout). And to go with that wonderful win is LTG’s wonderful recap, which you can read by clicking here. If you want something a bit more player specific,’s Ben Harris wrote some words about Freddy Galvis’ recent performance, as well as his total ownage of Edinson Volquez. But in addition to that, here are some tweets that should make you feel pretty good.

I love Hector Neris’s two-armed salute to the heavens whenever he locks down the win.

“Good ball.” Hell yes.

Jeremy Hellickson might be a wizard. It’s time to start an investigation.

The Stache does the little things that matter.

Angel Hernandez made a good call after making several crappy ones

I was pretty hard on umpire Angel Hernandez yesterday for taking a CB Bucknor approach to umpiring, i.e. making shitty calls and asking no one for help. The biggest thing Hernandez missed yesterday was a catch in left field from Daniel Nava, which was made close to the ground. Hernandez called it a hit, but it clearly wasn’t. [Correction: Third base umpire Ted Barrett actually ruled it a hit, not Angel Hernandez, but Hernandez still sucks, as you’ll clearly see.] And everyone at Citizens Bank Park knew that because they replayed the catch on Phanavision, which is standard operating procedure. But apparently Angel Hernandez hasn’t been to a baseball game this century.

How did he scold them?

He knows that stadiums are allowed to show recent plays on the scoreboard, right? Even if it’s contested? I guess he just doesn’t like it when the unofficial replay directly contradicts a call he made, which could be avoided by him making the right call. He saw it, saw the catch, and decided to finger-wag Phanavision (or where he thinks the Phanavision staff lives) because it made him look bad, because he did look bad! DANIEL NAVA CAUGHT THE BALL YOU BLIND IDIOT.

Ahem. Anyway. None of this makes Hernandez look very good. (The next half inning, he also rung Nava up on a swing that definitely wasn’t a swing, and I thought Nava was going to eat Hernandez’s head.) But Hernandez did redeem himself when he made the correct call on a very difficult slide from Michael Saunders, where he just barely got his hand on home plate underneath (or beside, or before) the tag.

I can’t in good conscience not point out that Hernandez made the right call there, because he did, and it was hard. I can’t know if it’s because he really, truly saw it, or like a stopped clock or a blind squirrel, he managed to guess right. But he got it right, and the Phillies scored, and that’s what mattered.

I love Philadelphia

With the draft in Philadelphia, there were lots of chances for the excellent, passionate people of Philadelphia to make themselves known.

I love Philadelphia, the city of my birth, the home of my people, the place where my heart belongs. [BOOOOOOOOOO]

The draft, it is happening

With the draft happening over the next few days, this is a good time to remind you that SB Nation has a whole site dedicated to the Eagles, and it’s called Bleeding Green Nation, and it’s incredible. If you need or want draft coverage, you can find it there. You can find anything and everything Eagles related there. So go there!

Here are a few more draft related tweets, because why not?

Listen, we have reasons to set the bar low, okay!?

There is never a bad time for Rocky music.

Tweet of the day

Enough said. Have a great weekend, fam.