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Phillies news and links — Happy opening day!

Today, the only news is that the baseball season is officially starting.

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Philadelphia Phillies Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Today, the only news is that the Phillies will be one game closer to their next World Series Championship.

Let that sink in, because this is when it starts. The Phillies are closer to fielding a competent lineup than anytime in the last four years. The big prospects are closer to the big leagues than ever before. The team, they can feel it. They can taste it. They know they’re getting there. And so do we.

Matt Stairs? Still great.

I can’t get enough of stories about new Phillies hitting coach Matt Stairs. Stephen Gross of the Morning Call profiled Stairs again, and gave us some background on how he got his great new job, what he’s been doing with the Phillies, and his hitting philosophy. I want stories like this all year, because Matt Stairs is great. I already miss him in the booth so much.

Pete Mackanin is also great!

Matt Breen continues his run of awesome writing with this piece about our fearless leader Pete Mackanin and his journey in baseball. This is his 49th year in the game, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. I have always loved Mack, and I think he’s been a great manager. I mean, a cardboard standee of the Phanatic would have been a better manager than Ryne Sandberg, but Mack has been such a big improvement over that stale, moldy glass of water. He’s less openly gregarious than Charlie Manuel, but he knows how to talk to the young guys. Since that’s all the team is anymore, he’s perfect.

J.P. Crawford can’t wait to get to the majors

More from Matt Breen, this time about J.P. Crawford, everyone’s most anticipated prospect. I’m not even going to fluff this one for you. Just read it and get excited.

Ten Bold Predictions about the Phillies 2017 season

John Stolnis released his HOT TAKES about the Phillies 2017 season, ten bold predictions that you are sure to agree with (or not). Go, read, and give YOUR bold predictions for the Phillies season in the comments.

Around the Phight

Okay, cats and kittens. Get ready, because we have some excellent stuff to share with you today.

Tweet(s) of the day

Let’s start with some happy, nearly-related news today.

Eff yeah Dawn Staley. And her glasses are awesome.

Okay, so. Yeah. This is... yeah. No one can deny it’s been a really tough time for Philadelphia sports fans. But friends, we’re on the upswing.

Look at this! Look at our future team! We’ve been waiting so long and we can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel!

Get excited, everyone. Because the future of the Phillies starts now.