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Phillies news & links — Joaquin Benoit speaks out about the bullpen

Joaquin Benoit speaks his mind, Aaron Altherr can’t be stopped, and more in today’s links.

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Unfortunately, today we don’t have the luxury of talking about Chooch and avoiding the topic at hand, the Phillies’ latest tragic loss. Before you start, I urge you to read John Stolnis’ rage-fueled recap, and then scream into a flowerpot.

Joaquin Benoit has a few comments about the bullpen

Joaquin Benoit gave up a truly revolting number of runs in Wednesday’s game (five), and when he was done, he decided to talk to the media about his feelings regarding the bullpen. More specifically: how the bullpen is managed. You can watch the video here (unfortunately I’m not able to embed it), and here’s a transcript of what he said:

"I think it's not just about us. I believe that if we have a set role, everybody will fall in place. Right now I think everybody is a different piece. Right now I believe that it would be better if everybody knows what the role is and when you're going to contribute. One day I'm in the seventh, then I was the sixth, then the ninth, then the eighth. Right now I'm all over the place. It's a little bit consistency. Not just the pitching staff but the people that run it, too."

Well okay then, Joaquin. Speak your mind! Get it all on the table!

It’s not clear if he’s criticizing Pete Mackanin or Bob McClure. Hopefully it’s both of them, because neither of them is very good at this. BUT. It’s fair to point out that the Phillies bullpen pitching has been unerringly shitty. So in reality, everyone is at fault. Everyone.

If the pitching was better, I would admire Mackanin and McClure’s decision to not name an official closer, because closers are stupid. If a guy is in a bullpen, he should be prepared to pitch in any inning. But the pitching has been bad, so it’s tough to know if the problem is in the construction/usage of the bullpen, or just really terrible pitching.

Benoit’s comments would have more weight if he hadn’t blown saves in two straight appearances, but it doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

Aaron Altherr is the best thing about the Phillies right now

There is absolutely no way you can deny this. He hit a three-run home run yesterday, which ended up being one of the only bright spots in that crap box of a game.

How about a little historical context for that home run?

Oh yeah that’s the good stuff. How about a little bit more?

Thank you, Aaron Altherr. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aaron Nola survived his first rehab start

Guys, Aaron Nola is okay!

This is such great news.

How about more Chooch stuff

There’s almost no good news today, so let’s take a look at more Carlos Ruiz stuff! Here he is getting a hug from the Phanatic.

Here is a piece from that features several of the Phillies’ Latino players talking about what Chooch means to them. Maikel Franco’s comments are particularly touching and emotional.

Our on-the-spot reporter Phrozen was in from Alaska, and captured the Chooch tribute video for us (and the entire internet).

Glory, I’ve got some feelings.

Tweet of the day

That’s more like it.