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Phillies news & links — Bob McClure is losing sleep

Today we’re talking about the Phillies pitching coach, Howie Kendrick’s injury, and former Phillies managers.

Philadelphia Phillies v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images


Even I can’t keep that up. Last night sucked, there’s no way around it. Go read Paul Boyé’s recap, and then let’s all try to move on with our lives. Oy.

Pitching is costing Bob McClure sleep (as it should)

Meghan Montemurro of The News Journal wrote a really fantastic piece about Phillies pitching coach Bob McClure and his myriad issues with the current pitching staff. And that includes Cameron Rupp and Andrew Knapp, who need to improve... well, everything.

Has McClure been satisfied with the pitch calling behind the plate?

"No, I'm not.

"Cameron and I have talked about this: You're calling a pitch you think he can throw over the plate in a 2-2, 3-2 count instead of the right pitch," McClure said. "If the guy can't execute the right pitch you think is needed, say a 3-2 slider or a 3-2 changeup with the bases loaded and he walks the guy, that's not on you. Because you've got to call what you think is the right pitch.

"I think he's not doing that like he needs to," McClure added. "He can't worry that they can't do that. They have to be able to do it to stay here. Once that part is solved, I also think you're going to see better results."

I’ve been hard on McClure, but he’s right about this. This is the first season the Phillies haven’t had a veteran catcher on staff (they had AJ Ellis after Carlos Ruiz was traded last year), and you can tell. Chooch knew that he needed to coach the pitcher into being the best he could be, instead of playing down to what he thinks the pitcher can execute.

There’s so much more in the article, which you should absolutely read. Though it doesn’t explain this.

Probably because it can’t be explained.

We have no idea when Howie Kendrick is coming back

Kendrick has been out since mid-April with a strained oblique, and no one has any idea when he’s coming back. Seriously. Just read Todd Zolecki’s article about it for It starts with him saying Kendrick could be back next week, but then that’s apparently a little optimistic? Kendrick is still experiencing soreness, and the Phillies have more than enough outfielders right now, so no need to rush him.

::sings:: Where in the world is [bomp] Ryne Sandberg?

Why, former Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg is right here!

Annnnnnnnnnd stay there.

Charlie Manuel, a former Phillies manager people actually like

What’s Charlie doing these days? He’s started a tour of the Phillies minor league system, which I’m imagining as a Beatles-esque ordeal with baseball players shrieking delightedly as Charlie walks into each facility.

Charlie is a special assistant to Matt Klentak, and imagining the two of them in the same room and having a conversation tickles me to no end.

Today’s game: Phillies at Rangers, 2:05 p.m.