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The 100% happy fun-time Phillies report!

On Episode 117, hosts John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Trevor Strunk of The Good Phight talk about nothing but happy things, even after the Phillies lost 2 out of 3 from the Pirates in Pittsburgh, their 7th series loss in a row.

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a depressing podcast in the slightest.

No, we keep it on the positive tip in Episode 117, despite the fact the Phillies lost two out of three to a struggling Pittsburgh Pirates team, their 7th series loss in a row. It’s the first time they’ve lost seven series in a row since 2006, but we focused on the positive aspects of that.

Even though Maikel Franco (.225/.286/.384) and Odubel Herrera (.236/.289/.354), perhaps the two most important members of the lineup, are hitting like garbage, there’s no need for excessive negativity. And even though the two veterans the team signed this off-season, Howie Kendrick (just 10 games played) and Michael Saunders (.232/.279/.391) have given the team virtually nothing this year, there’s no need for us to be a dark cloud over everything.

That’s right, on Episode 117, we keep it ALL positive!

Yeah, right.

Folks, there’s no way to sugarcoat this thing. The Phillies are playing like a bad baseball team. They are losing a ton of baseball games and are on a 100-loss pace for the season. And in this episode, John Stolnis, Justin Klugh and Dr. Trevor Strunk break down what’s going wrong and if there are any fixes.

Among the items discussed:

  • Franco and Herrera are struggling, how concerned should we be?
  • Franco’s struggles are a continuation from last year. Is this just who he is?
  • How much of this is mental?
  • There was some good news on Sunday, Aaron Nola pitched like an ace.
  • A healthy and effective Nola can help with problems in the rotation and the bullpen.
  • Do we feel better about Nola’s performance on Sunday than we do bad about the struggles of the offense?
  • Nola gets no run support, once again.
  • Vince Velasquez’ plea for help after Saturday’s game has us wondering where the Phils’ mental coach is.
  • Can Velasquez be fixed? Can he be saved as a starter?
  • Is Bob McClure the right pitching coach to lead this rebuilding effort?
  • The Phillies have reached the one-quarter mark of the season.
  • Who on the team deserves an “A” so far?
  • Who deserves a failing grade?
  • Is this a 100-loss team?
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