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At least it’s over: Rockies 8, Phillies 1

Another one for the history books.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Me, four hours ago: “I’ve never heard of Jeff Hoffman.”

Jeff Hoffman: “Oh really now.”

Jeff Hoffman and the Rockies shut down the Phillies tonight, making me feel like an idiot. The Phils lost 8-1, and this is going to be a short one because there just isn’t much to say.

Jerad Eickhoff had a thoroughly mediocre start, but he lasted six innings, which is not a bad thing. He gave up four runs, which is sadly going to be insurmountable with this offense. So the game was essentially over in the sixth inning. But Eickhoff didn’t walk anybody, which is also a good thing. So... there’s that.

There was virtually no offense tonight. The Phillies had no answer for anything the Rockies pitchers had to offer. They had just three hits, and two of them belonged to Aaron Altherr. They somehow scored a run, which came from the non-Altherr hit of the night: a single from Tommy Joseph. Everyone else? Nada.

Things got ugly late when in the top of the ninth, a crew chief review overturned a close play at first, and then Joely Rodriguez nearly hit Tony Wolters in the throat. Cesar Hernandez barely caught a sharp grounder to first, and then the wheels fell off the wagon. Tommy Joseph missed a ball at first and two runs scored. Things got worse when Luis Garcia came in and promptly gave up a monster blast to Nolan Arenado.

It wasn’t pretty, but at least it’s over. I could say more, but how much do you really want to read about this game?