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Phillies news and links — Cornelius Randolph is doing great

Today, we talk about Cornelius Randolph, Darin Ruf, and Kyle Kendrick. No, it’s not 2014.

Baltimore Orioles v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Welcome back to news and links! Monday’s rain delay threw my routine out of whack, but I’m here and ready to share all sorts of news and links that may be of interest to you.

Cornelius Randolph is doing just fine

The Phillies 2015 first round pick, Cornelius Randolph, is just 19. 19!! And at that tender age, he’s maturing and improving at a rapid rate. Randolph is currently playing with the High-A Clearwater Threshers, and he spoke to Bill Whitehead of CSNPhilly. The whole article is full of positive stuff. Like this!

“Mostly, I’m just not worrying too much about numbers,” Randolph said of his approach in his second full pro season. “Last year I worried a lot about them and tried to make a big impression. That happens, of course, in your first full season.

“This year I’m just trying to make sure I’m on the field every day, stay healthy, try to play hard and barrel up the balls. The more I barrel, the more hits I’m going to get.”

[swoon] We’ll be here for you whenever you’re ready to get here, Corny. And I promise we’ll have a better nickname for you than that.

The top of the Phillies batting order is shockingly good

Coming into last night’s game, the top of the Phillies order has been doing insanely well. Matt Gelb of wrote about it, and there are some marvelous numbers in there. This in particular stands out.

After Monday's 10-2 win over the Chicago Cubs, the Phillies' first two batters were hitting .345 with a .408 on-base percentage and .574 slugging percentage. All three of those numbers lead the majors. The 43 runs scored by the first two hitters rank fourth in the majors.

I’m fanning myself, how about you? It’s so nice when parts of the Phillies don’t suck! Or do the opposite of suck!

Darin Ruf is still alive and doing things

Remember Darin Ruf? If you didn’t until now, I’m sorry to bring him up. I know he’s still everyone’s favorite perpetual 30-year-old rookie (or however old he is now, 40 or whatever), and thinking of him not being here is difficult. For some. For me, I’m still in the middle of a jig I started when the Phillies finally let him go.

ANYWAY. Ruf is playing in Korea, and he’s still hitting home runs.

Oh Darin. Even that homer doesn’t make me miss you.

The return of Kyle Kendrick

Not here! He’s not coming back here! Don’t worry! I’m sorry I scared you like that. Kendrick picked up with the Red Sox in the offseason, and he’s making his triumphant(?) return to the majors with them on Thursday. If you want to watch that, please seek help, it may not be too late to help you.

Tweet of the day

Well here’s a stat about the Phillies both before and after Ryan Howard.

Yup, that certainly is a stat. About the Phillies. Before and after Ryan Howard. Hoo boy.