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Everything falls apart: Marlins 10, Phillies 2

The Phillies lose over and over and over again.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies finished out the month of May today by dropping yet another game. They lost 10-2 to the Marlins. Aaron Nola left early, but it was apparently due to a pitch count (for some reason he had a pitch count today, but don’t expect the Phillies to explain that to us anytime soon because why would they bother). Nola gave up four runs, and after he finished the third inning he was replaced by Ricardo Pinto, who was just called up to make his major league debut. He pitched two innings and gave up four runs. Jeanmar Gomez pitched an inning and gave up two.

The Phillies had 10 total hits today and could only muster two runs. The Marlins had 14 hits and scored 10 runs.

I could write a whole lot about how bad the Phillies are right now. About Aaron Nola’s mysterious pitch count, about the shittiness of the offense, the bad handling of the rotation throughout the season thus far, the dullness of the defense, I could go on and on and on. But I won’t. We all have lives to lead, and the shitty Phillies don’t deserve that much of my time or your time.

This team sucks. They suck right now, they sucked a month ago, and they’re probably going to keep on sucking. And I try to have something positive or uplifting to say in every post I write, but I’m all out right now. I’ve got nothing. It’s all bad. Every player has regressed. The pitchers are hurt. Bob McClure sucks at his job but he’ll probably get to keep it, because the Phillies apparently have a different definition for “failure” than literally everyone else ever in the history of time. Pete Mackanin has revealed himself to be a less-than-ideal manager, but you can’t hold him completely responsible for this. He’s gotta be beating his head against a wall right now. He’s probably said everything he could possibly think of to his players, but once they leave the clubhouse and step onto the field, it’s all in their hands. And they’re just not getting it done.

I don’t want to end the recap this way, so I won’t. I want to say that I’m so glad to have this community of Phillies people to connect with. Because when the team is this fucking terrible, all you really have are your friends. Going through this bleak period with all of you fellow dedicated, demented, overly-invested fans is so much better than the alternative.

The Phillies don’t play again for 49 12 hours. Enjoy that time. I know I will.