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Phillies news and links — The Phillies aren’t the Yankees

It’s Friday, so why not take a Philly writer out to the woodshed?

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Happy Friday, y’all! After last night’s 13-inning death march to defeat, I’m going to keep today’s links short and pithy.

So, about that Freddy Galvis error...

Freddy Galvis threw the ball away in the 13th inning in yesterday’s game, and the Cubs won. It was tough to watch, and Galvis had some comments.

But here’s something slightly suspicious...

That could definitely explain his throws over the past few days. HMMMM...

Shut up about the Yankees, Bob Brookover

I don’t dislike Brookover’s writing. He’s typically solid. But I read this piece from him and rolled my eyes so hard that they fell out and started rolling around on the floor. It’s titled “What would the Yankees do? Promote Jorge Alfaro and Rhys Hoskins... fast.” And I could really get into breaking it down, and talk about why trying to be the Yankees is a terrible idea, and that the Phillies don’t need to compete now and rush these young hitters just so Bob can see the Phillies win more. But I’ll let our old friend Taco Pal do it for me.


Seriously, that Brookover column makes him look like an impatient baby that’s screaming “I WANT THE PHILLIES TO WIN NOW WAAAAAH!” And that impatient baby doesn’t care in the least that rushing these hitters is bad for their development and the opposite of what the Phillies have been doing with all of their prospects for years now.

I’ve been trying to convince Taco Pal to come back and write for us. He clearly needs to, right?


This gif is not sped up.

Holy crap.

Tweet of the day