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Dominated: Cardinals 7, Phillies 0

No, this was not a good game.

Philadelphia Phillies v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

I spent today’s game multitasking. On the TV in front of me, I was dubbing some old commercials from a VHS to a DVD. And on the computer next to me, I watched Cardinals starter Carlos Martinez completely dominate the Phillies.

Martinez and the Cardinals gave the Phillies a pretty sound whupping, beating them 7-0. Martinez was brilliant and the Phillies couldn’t figure him out. They managed only four hits on the day. The Cards only had six, but they also drew six walks, and they made almost every single one count. The Phillies only drew one. Sigh.

So, about Nick Pivetta.

Yeah. He’s been brilliant in Triple-A, but something is not clicking up in the majors. He had a four-run fourth inning, and that alone would have been enough to do the Phillies in today. But while we’re talking about pitching, Jeanmar Gomez was an absolute disaster today.

That’s terrible. Something has got to be wrong. Who knows what, but something isn’t right.

But let’s talk about the commercials I dubbed today. It was from a tape of Bosom Buddies episodes my parents taped off of WTAF Channel 29 in 1985. I remember so many of those commercials, and I wanted to grab them so they’d never die. Commercials for TV Guide, Hires Root Beer, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Wanamakers, McDonalds, and even the WMMR broadcast of Live Aid. But the best part was seeing an ad for Phillies ‘85, advertising a four-game series with the Braves that happened in mid-July. I’ll see if I can get it uploaded, because it’s... it’s the Phillies in the mid-80s. Why wouldn’t you want to watch it?

Hopefully the Phillies can salvage the final game of the series when they face the Cards tomorrow at 2:15.