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MLB Draft 2017: Phillies go to college w/ Haseley & Howard

On Episode 123 of The Felske Files, hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh talk about Adam Haseley, Michael Saunders, Nick Williams, Scott Kinger, Aaron Nola and Jerad Eickhoff.

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Last year, the MLB Draft was a bit more exciting around here.

Even though the it doesn’t have the same excitement as their counterparts in the NFL and NBA, the MLB Draft is still one of the best ways for teams to get better. And last year, the Phillies had the No. 1 overall selection, which means we spent weeks debating who the Phils might take in that spot.

In the end, for the second straight season, they settled on a high school position player, outfielder Mickey Moniak. But with the team’s timetable for contention ticking, it appeared from the start that they were destined to take some college players this time around.

As Victor Filoromo so ably noted in his recap of the first two rounds, the Phillies went with University of Florida center fielder Adam Haseley with the No. 8 pick overall, then followed that up with college pitcher Spencer Howard at No. 45 overall.

The Phillies are clearly looking for players who are well-rounded, polished prospects who can help out the big league club sooner rather than later. Haseley is regarded as hit-tool-first guy, with the hopes power will develop later. However, he is a center fielder, a much better option for the Phils than another player rumored to be a prime target, Haseley’s teammate Pavin Smith.

On this week’s podcast, hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh talk about the Phils’ first two picks, and you can hear from the team’s first-rounder himself, Adam Haseley (starts at the 4:20 mark), as he talks about his influences, his strengths and weaknesses, and how excited he is to join the Phillies organization.

Among the items discussed on Episode 123:

  • Why the Phillies felt it wise to focus on college players rather than high school guys in the early rounds this year.
  • Haseley talks about his game, his influences, and how happy he is to be a Phillie
  • It’s time for the Phillies to DFA Michael Saunders
  • In his place, the Phils should call up Nick Williams
  • Williams is red-hot and is in his second season at AAA... it’s time.
  • Should the Phils also call up Scott Kingery to take the place of Cesar Hernandez, if Hernandez is out for a long period of time?
  • We want to see the kids! But only the ones who are ready.
  • Aaron Nola struggled in St. Louis, and disagreed with his manager on criticisms over pitch selection.
  • Are the players even listening to Mackanin and pitching coach Bob McClure anymore?
  • What has happened to Jerad Eickhoff? Once again, big struggles in Boston.
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