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MLB Draft 2017: Phillies select Jake Scheiner, 3B in 4th Round and Ethan Lindow, LHP in 5th

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Philadelphia Phillies Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

After drafting the 8th ranked player at #8 the Phillies have gone their own way. I have no idea if this is a brilliant strategy and the Phillies are on to something others aren’t or if they just happened to like guys more than the publications in a fairly shallow draft pool. They do seem to be picking a type though. Pitchers whose primary tool is control and hitters whose primary tool is hitting.

Jake Scheiner, SS/3B, 6’1”, 200 lbs, University of Houston
In the theme of the week Scheiner seems to be another potential tweener. MLB lists him as a 3B, but he played SS in College. The few reports I can find seem to project him to Second as a pro, but since teams write the positions on their draft cards, him being listed at Third is likely an indication of where the Phillies plan to try him. For his college career he hit .346/.432/.667 with 18 HR, 41 K and 21 BB in 243 ABs. Baseball Draft Report (a site I utilize a lot) had this to say:

Jake Scheiner may not have standout tools, but his production over the years, including a first year run at Houston matched by few in college baseball this season, is too good to ignore. My only notes on him coming into the year are short and sweet: “damn good hit tool.” Defensively, I’ve heard mixed opinions on the likelihood he can stick at his college position of shortstop. There are some who think he’s just athletic enough to pull it off, but most seem to believe he’s best as an offensive second baseman and/or utility infielder. I’d have no qualms drafting him as a shortstop with the plan to develop him at second if need be (there’s no shame in playing second once you make it to pro ball) before exploring that utility option. I like Scheiner a lot.

Honestly a potential utility player is okay for the 4th round. A high OBP, moderate Power 3B could also be quite a nice find there. I would not be surprised if the Phillies added a step and stride to his swing. He could boost his power that way and if it’s subtle enough, he could maintain his eye level and probably keep a high OBP.

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Ethan Lindow, LHP, 6’4”, 185 lbs, Locust Grove High School
First, that’s a poorly named High School and sounds rather not fun to attend every 17 years. Second, I don’t have a ton on Lindow. He has a College Commitment to UAB. He throws an upper 80’s/low 90’s Fastball, an 80 MPH Curve and an 80 MPH Changeup. I could find some video of him though. A little high effort, perhaps there could be a few more ticks on the Fastball as he adds good weight.

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