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MLB Draft 2017: Day 3 Recap

The Phillies made 30 picks Yesterday, a lot of them will end up playing in the system for a few years before moving on. However a few guys are interesting enough to discuss in depth as they could be very interesting prospects if they sign. Of course "if they sign" is the key phrase. Teams often look for guys they can sign below slot in the top 10 rounds to save Draft Bonus Pool money they can apply to picks later in the draft. Any pick you sign for more than $100K after the 10th round, the overage costs against your pool money for picks in the top 10 rounds. For this reason, teams almost universally draft College Seniors in rounds 9 and 10 who they can sign for $10-20K (of course you need to be able to sign them, otherwise you lose the money from those picks from your pool. In short the MLB draft is friggin’ weird.

11th Round
Jake Holmes, SS, 6’4" 195 lbs. Pinnacle High School
The first overslot guy must be a guy the Phillies both really, really like and feel confident they can sign. They pounced on him early before most other teams had the chance. It’s easy to see why, as Holmes is a bit of a freak. He’s a huge Shortstop, but is athletic enough to stay there and he’s a Plus runner who can fly once he gets to speed. He’s got the range and instincts to stick at Short, though you can see the possibility that as he matures he might lose the range. That said, Cal Ripken was bigger and played good Shortstop into his 30’s. He has good bat speed and line drive power with potential for more. He struggles with breaking balls, though that isn’t uncommon for High Schoolers, who typically don’t see many. He’s committed to Arizona State and the tea leaves of twitter don’t give much in the way of hints as he’s got both his ASU commitment and his draft announcement top of the page. I hope he signs, as he should be a fun follow.

12th Round
David Parkinson, LHP, 6’3", 215 lbs, Ole Miss
Good news for anyone who missed Vance Worley glasses the Ole Miss Lefty sports the specs. Parkinson was a Starter at Miss and will likely stay there to start his pro career, but his future is likely in the Bullpen. His best pitch is probably a Plus Slider, he also has a low 90’s Fastball with good movement, it’s an average pitch. He also has a below average Curve and Changeup. If they improve he could be a 4th/5th Starter, if not there’s good potential for him as a LOOGY with the Slider and Fastball both playing up.

13th Round
Colby Fitch, C, 5’11", 205 lbs, Louisville
Fitch is a bat first Catcher who was blocked at Catcher his first 2 years of College, so the Defense is thoroughly unpolished. He has the tools to catch and mobility behind the dish, though his arm is borderline for the position. Good contact oriented approach and eye as a hitter with Below Average power. There’s Starter potential here if the glove comes along enough. If it doesn’t he’s Willians Astudillo, a good hitter with nowhere to play (though he’ll have more power).

23rd Round
Shane Drohan, LHP, 6’2", 190 lbs, Cardinal Newman High School
Drohan could be the steal of the draft, if he signs. His Fastball is average, but trending upward with good movement. If his Fastball ads a few MPH it’s a Plus pitch with advanced control/command possible. His Curveball flashes Plus and has room to grow and he has an advance Changeup for a High Schooler that he can throw for strikes. He repeats his delivery consistently and is the kind of former two sport star the Phillies have loved in the past. He has a Florida State commitment that’s he’s stated he will honor before the draft. Of course your mind might change if you can sign for 2nd/3rd round money.

34th Round
Kyle Hurt, RHP, 6’4" 205 lbs, Torrey Pines High School
His Fastball is Above Average with a Plus ceiling, but his stock was, well, hurt when he was, well, hurt this Spring. He missed a few weeks, came back early and his stuff wasn’t as good, dropping him down lists a bit. He has a breaking ball and changeup that both need work. His mechanics also need refinement to gain consistency. My personal assumption is that Hurt is insurance if they can’t sign Drohan or Holmes. He’s higher ranked than both, but I actually find him less intriguing due to his consistency issues. He has a strong USC commitment and seems like the kind of Pitcher who could really improve his stock with a few years of College coaching. The video below really shows the dancing release point quite well.