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Are the Phillies targeting Giancarlo Stanton?

On Episode 125 of The Felske Files, hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh discuss a media report linking the Phils and the Miami slugger and debate the wisdom of trading for the oft-injured star.

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at Miami Marlins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

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It seems like we’ve been here before.

Before he aligned his $300 million extension with the Marlins, rumors abounded that the Phillies would be interested in targeting the hulking slugger, even though the Phils really didn't have the resources to deal for him at the time.

Now, it appears as if times have changed. In a Sunday piece for The Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo wrote that if Miami, who is selling the team, decides they want to rid themselves of Stanton’s hefty contract, the Phillies would match up as a viable suitor.

Of course, there are drawbacks. On the podcast, we discuss the pros and cons of such a potential move and the minute chances of it actually happening.

Also discussed on this week’s podcast...

  • The Phillies were swept over the weekend. Again.
  • Hector Neris blows another save, what are the reasons for his struggles in 2017?
  • After the Sixers swing a trade for the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, it’s clear they are about to pick up another star. That is something the Phillies desperately need.
  • How do they get a superstar? Is Stanton the answer?
  • It makes more sense for the Phils to save their prospects for pitching
  • Would the Phils also require Christian Yelich in a deal?
  • What would that do to their outfield prospects?
  • Buster Olney says the Phillies might be regretting their “tanking” strategy due to their struggles in 2017 and the seemingly stalled rebuild.
  • For the last time, THE PHILLIES WERE NOT TANKING!!!
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