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Phillies news & links — Only 93 games left

We’ll get through this together.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to news & links! After a brief graduation-related vacation to Southern California to watch my boyfriend get hooded for his PhD, I’ve returned! And it couldn’t have been at a better time, am I right?

Phillies DFA Michael Saunders, Jeanmar Gomez

And look at how much it helped! Just kidding. At the very least, the Phillies were able to keep it together for 10 innings last night. And Jeanmar Gomez and Michael Saunders weren’t there! You can read our story about the DFAs here on The Good Phight, but you should also read Jim Salisbury’s story over on CSN Philly about the new guys coming up. According to him, Klentak wants to find guys who can control the strike zone, something the Phillies desperately need.

How bad are the Phillies?

Oh, they’re bad.

Thought that was bad? Get a load of this.

Wheee! And there’s more!

How much more pain can you take? I don’t want to test it. There are 93 games left, after all. We need to keep our strength up.

Yadier Molina might be a nice guy

Could Yadier Molina, he of the neck tattoos who is hated throughout the Delaware Valley, actually be NICE?! APPARENTLY! According to’s Teddy Bailey, when Cam Perkins came up to bat for the first time ever in a major league game, Yadier Molina congratulated him, which is adorable. Even more adorable? Perkins’ response:

“Getting to hit up there and Yadi telling me congratulations,” Perkins said after the 8-1 loss, “I couldn’t think of a better catcher that I grew up looking up to. I think I called him ‘sir’ by accident, I was pretty locked in at the time. Did I really just say ‘sir’ to Yadier Molina? It was definitely one of my top life moments.”

He called him sir! I want to pinch his adorable cheeks, that’s just so cute.