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Phillies trade talk: Maikel Franco, Pat Neshek, Howie Kendrick and more!

On Episode 127 of The Felske Files, hosts John Stolnis and Liz Roscher break down the latest trade rumors involving the Phillies, and talk about a very angry Freddy Galvis.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Baseball’s tradin’ season is officially upon us. For teams like the Phillies, the down-and-outers, it’s time to take a look at the inventory and see if there’s anything to take to the swap meet to make a buck off of.

For the Phillies, that involves a number of rental veterans, like relief pitcher Pat Neshek and infielder/outfielder Howie Kendrick. Both, if they can stay healthy, should fetch a decent price. In fact, it’s been reported there is already a standing offer for Neshek. Kendrick, unfortunately, might be looking at a stay on the disabled list because of a bad hamstring.

Less clear is what the Phillies plan to do with some of their younger Major League players.

Just how open are the Phils to trading Maikel Franco? Can GM Matt Klentak find a taker for Tommy Joseph. Would the Phillies consider dealing one or both of their double-play combo of Cesar Hernandez and/or Freddy Galvis?

Joining me to discuss that and more on Episode 127 of The Felske Files is managing editor of The Good Phight, Liz Roscher.

Also on this episode of the podcast:

  • The Phillies are on pace to lose 110 games this year after losing three out of four to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Arizona is really good and is pretty close to a lock to make the playoffs
  • The NL playoff picture is screwy this year.
  • Freddy Galvis has some harsh and angry words for his teammates after yet another dispiriting loss.
  • Did the low expectations for 2017 set by management creep into the minds of the players, allowing them to give up when the going got tough?
  • Lots of trade talk.
  • Does it make any sense at all for the Phillies to have Maikel Franco on the trade block?
  • The Phils have some veterans to move and also some of their younger players too, if they so choose.
  • Domonic Brown pitched in a AAA game over the weekend. It didn’t go well.
  • Have we gotten to a point where it’s too easy to over-hype a prospect, like Dom Brown?
  • Is that what we’re doing with J.P. Crawford?
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