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Phillies news & links — Odubel Herrera’s wallet is a little lighter

We’re keeping things light today instead of focusing on the near-constant losing.

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There has been SO MUCH STUFF happening with the Phillies. And I’m sure you’re shocked to find out that not a whole lot of it is good. Freddy Galvis had more than a few things to say about the Phillies after their loss yesterday, but you’ll find more about that in a separate post later today. There’s more than enough to talk about, so let’s dive right in.

Odubel Herrera fined for baserunning blunder

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly has all the hot stories lately. His sources have told him that Odubel Herrera was fined by Pete Mackanin (and not one of those $1 spring training fines) for his actions in Saturday’s game against the Diamondbacks in which he got caught stealing second base to end the sixth inning, when the game was still a close 3-2. (The final score would be 9-2.) According to Salisbury, Herrera wasn’t fined because he got caught stealing, but because he was given the red light and straight-up ignored it.

We don’t know how much he was fined, and Pete Mackanin didn’t have anything to say about it. Well, he did have ONE thing to say.

Mackanin would not confirm or deny the fine when asked about it Monday. After a moment of silence, all he would say was, "Base running matters." He then walked away.

Okay, I’m a little in love with Pete after that. No confirmation or denial, no using players’ names or anything like that, just a statement of fact and then BOOM! He drops the mic and walks away.

Edubray Ramos sent down to Triple-A

The Phillies sent reliever Edubray Ramos down yesterday after he had one of the worst months in Phillies history for a reliever with 10+ appearances. (You can learn all about that and more in the Paul Boyé’s post.) It sucks that Ramos sucks right now, for the Phillies and for Ramos, but he needs to get his stuff figured out. This is just some much-needed workshop time. He’ll face some easier hitting, get his head on straight, and come back and mow ‘em down.

Scott Kingery is our king

Our beloved future second baseman made his first start at Triple-A last night after his promotion, and for the first time in ages someone or something in this organization lived up to the impossibly high expectations us crazy fans had set.

So Kingery didn’t just single in his first Triple-A at-bat, he also made an absolutely INSANE defensive play. If the Phillies are getting you down, watch that clip another 20 times. It’ll make you feel pretty good.

New episode of The Felske Files is out!

The links are a little late (and a little light) this morning because I was up late podcasting with John Stolnis! I filled in for Justin Klugh on this week’s episode of the Felske Files, and John and I talked about Freddy’s postgame comments, trade talk, prospect expectations, and so much more. Give it a listen here, or in the handy embed at the bottom of this post.