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Game Thread 6/27: Phillies at Mariners

Maybe Safeco can help the starting pitching.

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Phillies are in Seattle tonight to complete the second half of their reciprocal two-game series’. Let’s get right to the lineup!

What. Is. That.

I mean, it’s clearly a lineup, and in the American League since there’s a DH, but what in the angry blue hell is that lineup?! Daniel Nava is batting first, followed by Freddy Galvis and then DH Howie Kendrick. Cameron Perkins is in right, Cameron Rupp is behind the plate, and Ty Kelly is playing second base. (Odubel Herrera is getting the night off to refocus.)

Sigh. To me, that doesn’t really look like a lineup that’s going to win much of anything.

At least Aaron Nola is here to save us from what would otherwise be an unwatchable game. But who knows, maybe the Phillies will surprise us tonight.

Or maybe not. (Cheery, right?)

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