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Do Yu want Darvish on the Phillies?

On Episode 121 of The Felske Files hosts John Stolnis & Justin Klugh predict the 2018 roster and debate the merits of signing free agent starter Yu Darvish this off-season. Also, is Odubel Herrera back, and did Matt Klentak mess up the Ken Giles trade?

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At first, it didn’t look like June was going to go a whole lot better than May did.

After winning just six games last month, the Phils lost on June 1, 10-0, to the San Francisco Giants. But since then, the team has played much better, beating the Giants in the last two games of that series, their first series win in their last 11 tries.

They then opened up a series in Atlanta against the Braves by scoring 11 runs, something they failed to do in five of their entire SERIES last month. Odubel Herrera, Aaron Altherr, Tommy Joseph and Maikel Franco are all hitting well at the moment, and the starting pitching has been adequate, if not great.

We need the 2017 MLB roster to play better. That will help the future immensely. But what about 2018? What will the roster look like? How many rookies will be in the starting lineup? Will any former 2008 Phillies be featured prominently? And will that roster feature the help of a free agent starting pitcher? Will it feature a true No. 1, an ace, someone the team can turn to as its stopper?

Will, and should, the Phillies go out and get Yu Darvish this off-season.

Hosts John Stolnis and Justin Klugh debated that topic, among others, on the latest edition of The Felske Files.

Among the other items discussed this week:

  • Zach Eflin and Roman Quinn are heading to Philadelphia to have their elbows looked at
  • Troubling news for both players, especially Quinn, whose injury history is well-documented
  • Phillies showing signs of life
  • Good thing Klentak and the Phillies decided not to demote Odubel Herrera, huh?
  • Herrera has been on fire, he seems to be fully back to normal
  • What constitutes a hot streak? Is it playing better than before, or playing better than your career averages?
  • J.P. Crawford’s frustrating 2017 season and whether his hot streak recently was actually “hot.”
  • Justin and John release their 2018 MLB lineups and starting rotation
  • Justing is welcoming back Jayson Werth to the team, hitting third next year!
  • We both forgot about Altherr momentarily because we’re dumb
  • We both have Yu Darvish in the rotation... but does this make sense?
  • Should the Phillies invest capital in Darvish, Johnny Cueto (if he opts out) or Jake Arrieta next year?
  • Would you sacrifice Odubel Herrera and other prospects if it meant landing Chris Archer, Sonny Gray or Madison Bumgarner?
  • There is no ace coming in the Phillies farm system. If they want one, they’re going to have to go get one.
  • The free agent class of 2018 also features a couple prominent starting pitching possibilities.
  • Did Klentak screw up the Ken Giles trade?
  • He swapped out AAA outfielder Derek Fisher, who has 14 HRs this season, in order to put Mark Appel in the deal after getting worried about Vince Velasquez’ medicals
  • Velasquez is on the shelf, Appel is struggling mightily, and Tom Eshelman is having a good season at AAA, but is probably no more than a No. 5 starter.
  • Did Klentak mis-time the deal? Should he have waited until last year’s trade deadline, when Aroldis Chapman, Mark Melancon and Andrew Miller brought their teams huge hauls?
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