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Black Friday sale at the Felske Files Store!

Check out the HUGE Black Friday sale coming up at The Felske Files TeePublic store! Great Phillies gear right here!

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Fans of the Phillies and The Felske Files podcast can show their fandom of the podcast and the Phillies with a series of new T-shirts, courtesy of The Felske Files store at Tee Public!

And through DECEMBER 2ND, check out these incredible sales!

There are three versions of our Phillies Trust The Prospects Ugly Christmas T-shirts from which to choose!

And a Trust The Prospects shirt featuring one of the team's top-ranked prospects, J.P. Crawford!

We've redesigned our #TrustTheProspect T-shirt, check it out!

A couple weeks ago, the Philadelphia Eagles pretended to be the Philadelphia Phillies, and it was awesome.

An outstanding artist that goes by the handle @gypsyoak created these two outstanding designs of Phillies legends Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton.

And also our newest design, featuring Hall of Famer Richie Ashburn.

Here are two designs featuring the awesome Homer at the Bat episode from The Simpsons.

Wanna be a member of The Steve Jeltz Fan Club? Now you can!

You can also geek out on our newest design and be an official Jeff Stone fan!

Everyone is talking about Rhys Hoskins. Yes, he is an alien, and we have the shirts to prove it.

In fact, we have a number of Rhys Hoskins designs at the store.

Things got a lot better for the Phils once the prospects were called up.

Check out these four Phillies players in an NBA Jams style shirt. Hoskins/Alfaro and Odubel Herrera/Nick Williams.

Hoskins and Nick Williams are "alien friends" you know.

With Rhys Hoskins on board, each of the four major sports teams in town has a superstar to lead them into the future.

J.P. Crawford has been promoted and, of course, we have a shirt to celebrate!

Rhys Hoskins has undoubtedly been a beast since he's been called up, so it makes sense he's entered "Rhys Mode."

And of course, Rhys Lightning is just too obvious.

Did you know that the word "jawn" originated from a former Phillies player in 1917? Yes, it's true!

Are you a supporter of the Philadelphia Base Ball team? If so, show your support for the local nine.

Odubel Herrera takes a lot of unnecessary crap. Buy this T-shirt to support the Phils' talented young center fielder.

The great Tom Emanski would be most proud of this Baseball World shirt (as would former pitchman Fred McGriff).

Also, there's lots of talk about trading for Mike Trout. Yeah, sure, it could happen.

Did you like to play the old school NES? Here are three baseball game designs from your youth.

Aaron Nola is a true front-of-the-rotation starter once again. It's the perfect time to buy this tee!

And by the way, people hate bunts and love homers. Get a T-shirt that says so.

Phillies wins are rare, but when they do happen, celebrate by Ringing the Bell!

And, of course, there is the podcast artwork done by the brilliant Paine Profitt, whose other work can be found here.

Also at the store, you can get mugs, phone cases, large prints, notebooks, or stickers...

And now you can get home goods, like throw pillows, wall tapestries and tote bags!

T-shirts and sweatshirts come in all sizes, including onesies for babies and sizes for little guys and gals, and cost $20, not including shipping and handling.

And if you don’t see something you like, more designs will be coming soon!