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Phillies news & links — Maikel Franco’s acrobatic bat

Maikel Franco’s bat stopped last night’s game, but not in the way you want.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fridays are a good day to look back at the week and evaluate how things have gone. And on the whole: not bad! On Monday and Tuesday they stretched their winning-streak to four games, scored some runs, and Odubel Herrera hit more than a few doubles. They lost Wednesday and Thursday, but they’re in a good position headed into the weekend series with the Cardinals. A good position in that they’re not in the midst of a massive losing streak. Confidence is everything, you know.

Maikel Franco’s acrobatic bat

The most interesting thing to happen in last night’s game was Maikel Franco’s bat getting stuck in the protective netting at SunTrust Park. If you didn’t watch it as it happened, I’ll let you imagine Maikel Franco playing tug of war with the netting to get his bat back.

I hope that image brought you joy, because it didn’t quite happen that way. They stopped the game so they could get the thing out of the netting. A Braves field staffer ran up to where it was caught and attempted to get it down, but it was too high up. Then he started pulling at the netting, hoping to stretch it far enough that the bat would be reachable. Also no. Then, one of those golf/bullpen carts came out of the outfield wall with a ladder laid across the back, and it started the long drive around the outside of the field to get to the home plate area.

Michael Saunders was in the on-deck circle, and he was not amused. He yelled “COME ON” at least once, and the rest of the time he was doing a fairly impressive full body eye roll. He tried to get the guy to use his bat to fish the other bat down, but by that time another dude was there to try and help, and the ladder was already on its way.

The bat eventually came down and the game continued. And that was the most interesting thing that happened during last night’s game.

Pat Neshek is awesome

Jim Salisbury did an interview with likely Phillies All-Star Pat Neshek, and it’s really great. He was miserable in Houston and has really enjoyed his time with this going-nowhere Phillies team. In fact, he’s enjoyed it enough that he’d like to stay around and see what happens with the rebuild. As a fan of this team who knows how bad they are but how good they have the chance to be, that’s extremely gratifying. Neshek doesn’t just enjoy being on the team and pitching for the club, but he also sees some potential, and wants to stay around to see it realized.

But we all know that probably won’t happen. The Phillies are a bit farther from the end of their rebuild than we all hoped, and Neshek knows he’s been pitching well enough to be traded to a team that needs a solid reliever. He’s made his peace with it, because in baseball that’s what you have to do. I for one would like to see him stay around, because heaven knows the bullpen needs more solid, dependable arms. (And also because he seems like a great dude.) But if his future is with a competitive team, then I’m at least glad Philly was a stop on his journey.

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