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Phillies news & links — Rhys Hoskins says he’s ready

Rhys Hoskins, Freddy Galvis, and Tommy Joseph headline today’s headlines.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the All-Star break! We’ve got some juicy news today, so let’s get into it.

Rhys Hoskins says he’s ready for the majors

“Of course I’m ready” is what future starting first baseman Rhys Hoskins said to Matt Breen at Sunday’s Futures Game. And of course he’s talking about being ready for the major leagues. But Hoskins knows it’s not up to him. He’s got Tommy Joseph in front of him (and he has nothing but nice things to say about Joseph), and being concerned about it makes no sense. Who knows when we’ll see Hoskins with the big club, but something tells me it’ll be soon.

Rhys Hoskins is the future, but Tommy Joseph is still the present

The fate of Rhys Hoskins is intertwined with the fate of Tommy Joseph. Tommy is blocking Hoskins at first base, and it’s obvious that the Phillies are going to try and trade him before the deadline. Pete Mackanin told Matt Gelb last week that both Rhys and Tommy (yes, we’re all on a first name basis now) can’t coexist on the same team. That seems pretty obvious since they play the same position, but it’s not always a given. The Phillies have moved their extra first baseman to left field in the past (Darin Ruf), but this time Mack said they’re not going to do that. (Thank god.) I don’t know if the Phillies are going to find a buyer for Tommy, but it’ll be an interesting few weeks.

Everybody loves Freddy Galvis

Last week was the week of Freddy Galvis. He had a baby daughter, he hit a bunch of home runs, and the beat writers wrote a bunch of articles about him and his leadership skills. I don’t even care if this is some kind of hard sell on Galvis as part of an effort to trade him. I bought a Galvis shirsey in 2012, his rookie year, and seeing him get so much love makes me so happy. Kevin Cooney wrote about him in the Bucks County Courier Times (warning: the article is more than 24 hours old so you can’t read it if you’re not a subscriber), and Matt Gelb wrote about him on If you love Ferd, give these articles a read.

John Stolnis and Justin Klugh talked about Freddy on The Felske Files this week, and it’s 100% worth your time.


The Phillies hit six home runs yesterday and the Phillies Twitter account put them all together, I’m guessing just for me.

Here’s yesterday’s recap for more info about those home runs.