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Phillies trade talk: Could they make a splash?

On Episode 132 of The Felske Files, host John Stolnis is joined by Phillies beat writer Matt Breen of to talk about trade rumors and whether the Phils are likely to make a bigger-than-expected splash this month before the deadline.

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No one in the national media is really talking about the Phillies all that much this trade deadline season, and it’s possible they’re missing out on some really interesting possibilities.

Yes, the Phils will trade their one-year deal veterans, like Pat Neshek and Howie Kendrick. But after reports surfaced from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal that the team had kicked around the idea of trading for Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton and are “vocal” about landing Stanton’s teammate Christian Yelich, it sure sounds like maybe the Phillies are thinking outside the box this month.

Could they actually be buyers while they’re selling? Could they make a surprise splash this month, ahead of the July 31 deadline? Could one of the Major League players be on the move, like Maikel Franco and/or Odubel Herrera? Could some of their talented young outfield prospects be used as part of a larger deal for the future?

Joining The Felske Files podcast this episode to discuss the trade deadline and the possibility of the Phillies using it to accelerate the rebuild is Phils beat writer Matt Breen of, who says it is possible the Phillies could make an unexpected move or two, and that the team is ready to spend money NOW.

Among the other items discussed on this episode...

  • Is Tommy Joseph on this team on August 1?
  • We're talking a LOT about Sixto Sanchez this week... seems like every important scout was at that game on Wednesday night... is he the number one prospect in the organization right now for you?
  • Baseball America's John Manuel said they no longer see J.P. Crawford as an impact player. What do you make of that, and do you think the organization still believes he can be an impact guy?
  • What was the most pleasant surprise from the first half of the season?
  • Who or what was the biggest disappointment?
  • The 2nd half won't be about wins and losses... what does this team need to show in the 2nd half for people to feel good about the state of the rebuild and 2018?
  • Mailbag!
  • What needs to happen at the very minimum for the 2nd half -- just the 2nd half, not the whole season -- to be considered a "success?”
  • Do the Phillies make a splash this offseason or wait till the 2018 offseason?
  • What's Thomas Eshelman's ceiling in the majors, can he be a #3? Seems like he's developed some pretty solid stuff #TrustTheProspects
  • Will the Phils will seriously consider a FA SP this offseason? Think its fair to say there is no clear #1 starter in the org today.
  • Macro-speaking, what are your assessments on how the Phillies organization have been developing their young talent in the farm system?
  • Does Klentak have power to pull deals unlike Ruben Amaro Jr., who was basically told what to do by Montgomery?
  • How. Many. More. Wins? This season?
  • You get to make an All-time Phillies HR derby with 4 Phillies from any era. Who's in it and who would win?
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