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Game Thread 7/15: Phillies at Brewers

Today is a day of mixed feelings.

Philadelphia Phillies v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Man, those powder blue uniforms are FRESH. How awesome does everyone look in those!? How are the Phillies not using those once a week? It’s insane! They’re sharp and interesting, which is more than I can say about almost any uniform they currently use.

Come on, Phillies. Make the change. Go back to the old uniforms! Everyone will love them! No one will complain! Okay, I’m sure someone will complain. I run a baseball website, so I know that people will complain about literally anything at any point, good or bad. But that’s not the point! BRING BACK THOSE UNIFORMS PERMANENTLY!

I think I’m supposed to be talking about a baseball game here or something like that, but I have such mixed feelings today. Aaron Altherr is hurt, and I miss him already. But...

Today's Lineups

Daniel Nava - LF Jonathan Villar - 2B
Freddy Galvis - SS Eric Thames - 1B
Maikel Franco - 3B Ryan Braun - LF
Tommy Joseph - 1B Travis Shaw - 3B
Odubel Herrera - CF Hernan Perez - RF
Cameron Rupp - C Stephen Vogt - C
Nick Williams - RF Orlando Arcia - SS
Ty Kelly - 2B Brett Phillips - CF
Aaron Nola - RHP Jimmy Nelson - RHP

It’s Aaron Nola day! Aaron Nola is pitching today, YAY! He’s turned into the pitcher I’m excited to see pitch literally every time he’s out there. Even if he had a bad start the last time out (which he didn’t), I know he’s going to do something to improve.

Here’s to Aaron Nola and his beautiful hair of gloriousness.

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