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Phillies news & links — Freddy Galvis, defensive wizard

This morning, we talk about Mickey Moniak, Freddy Galvis, Tony Gwynn, and more!

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I wish I could say I was surprised about last night’s game, but... eh. They tied the game, which I didn’t expect. So that’s... something? Anyway, let’s dive into the morning’s news.

Mickey Moniak is learning a lot

Kevin Cooney of the Bucks County Courier Times wrote about 2016’s No. 1 pick Mickey Moniak. His numbers don’t look all that special right now (.265 in all 84 Lakewood games), but he’s learned a tremendous amount this season. Cooney interviewed Mickey and he sounds confident and willing to learn. He’s not done growing (mentally or physically), and I think it’s going to be exciting to watch him over the next few years. Provided he’s not included in a trade, that is...

Freddy Galvis can pick it, guys

There are a lot of things you can say about Freddy Galvis as a hitter. But as a shortstop? The guy is excellent. Here’s a play from last night’s game, which saved the Phillies from losing in the 10th inning.

Of course, they lost on the very next play, but we all knew that would happen. I’ve loved Freddy forever, and I will keep on loving him forever. Wherever he is. (Can you tell it’s trade season?)

Ladies and gentlemen, Nick Williams

Our own tall drink of water Nick Williams is in a hot streak right now, and it is glorious.

I don’t know if this will last, but it’s fun until he gets cold.

Goodbye, Mark Leiter Jr., hello Vince Velasquez

For now, Mark Leiter Jr. has been sent down to Triple-A. He’s leaving to make room for our beloved Vince Velasquez, who is back!

Or will be soon. I wouldn’t expect a tremendous amount from Velasquez in the early going, but it would be great if he could get his head and his pitching arm on straight and give us some good starts. If not now, at some point. He’s got so much potential, and I want to see him succeed.

It’s J.P. Crawford update time!

::breaking news music::

We interrupt this program to bring you important J.P. Crawford news.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

It’s trade season, folks

Straight from the “this has got to be made up” files, John Stolnis wrote about the totally nonsensical rumors that the Phillies are interested in Dee Gordon, which makes such little sense that I nearly lost my mind in our group Slack. John was able to form complete sentences and wrote a great post, so read it if you want to have a hearty laugh at how stupid trade rumors can be.

Tweet of the day

Good Lord, Tony Gwynn was incredible. With the bases loaded, he got a hit almost HALF THE TIME. He was just so, so good. I’m not sure if words have been invented to describe how good he was. I’m gonna go and watch a bunch of Tony Gwynn clips now.