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Cruising: Phillies 6, Brewers 1

Tonight was so wonderful, don’t @ me.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Philadelphia Phillies
I love these dudes so much. SO MUCH.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Phillies made their 6-1 win look effortless. And damn, it was a pleasure.

Aaron Nola started and he was otherworldly. He allowed one home run, a second inning solo shot, and otherwise he was nearly unhittable. From the third to the sixth inning, he struck out eight of nine batters. And that was after striking out no one the first time through the order. It was absolutely glorious.

He went seven innings, allowed five hits, one run, and struck out nine. He is wonderful and we are all so lucky that he’s here. And he’s not just here, he’s KILLING IT. Need proof? Meghan Montemurro would like to help you with that.

The Phillies, meanwhile, backed him up with solid offense. Six runs on eight hits, and a lot of dudes got in the action. Cesar Hernandez didn’t get a hit, but he walked twice. And he walked to lead off the game, which perfectly set up Freddy Galvis to hit a monster bomb of a home run.

It put the Phillies ahead 2-0 in the first inning, and those two runs are all they’d need to win the game.

That wasn’t all though. Nick Williams, Daniel Nava, Maikel Franco, and Odubel Herrera all had one hit tonight. But I’m forgetting someone... who could it be...

Oh yeah! Tommy Joseph!

Because we might be the only ones who care about Tommy’s RBI double, there isn’t a video of it on Twitter. But I did find this glorious gem from the Phillies’ Spanish language interpreter, Diego.

Seriously, that is amazing.

Despite Aaron Nola, Ferddy Galvis (yeah I know how I spelled it), and Tommy Joseph, I thought I’d save this closing part of my recap for some prime advertising.

Someone please trade for Pat Neshek.

He’s the most valuable non-future committed trade piece the Phillies have had in YEARS. Do you need convincing, MLB teams? ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU.



The Phillies won, Aaron Nola was awesome, Tommy Joseph possibly broke his slump, and Pat Neshek somehow became even more valuable on the open market. All in all, tonight was a great game.