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Pinto Optioned, Thompson Recalled

As in “ah, yes, I remember him” but also in the 25-man roster sense

Houston Astros v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Lots of people will tell you momentum doesn’t exist. Others will say it’s very “real,” insofar as anything mental you take from it can have noticeable effects. There was hope that Ricardo Pinto was riding a wave of the latter, propped up by five straight scoreless appearances after allowing five runs in his first eight Major League innings.

Instead, the Houston Astros happened. With equal measure bloop and blast, the Astros shellacked Pinto Monday night as Ricardo took one for the team following a lengthy rain delay and, as a result, was optioned back to Lehigh Valley prior to Tuesday’s game. The Phillies simply need a fresh relief arm.

And guess who’s back to fill that role?! None other than Cole Hamels Trade returnee Jake Thompson, who makes his way back to the Big League club looking to take the mound for the first time since May 10.

Thompson restores some length to the bullpen. He’s had some strangely effective success in July at Triple-A (a 3.33 ERA, but only 11 K to 9 BB in 24.1 IP), although he’s likely only keeping the seat warm while the bullpen stabilizes following yesterday’s walloping. Edubray Ramos has also pitched well since being sent down at the end of June, so Thompson has company nipping at his heels. That said, Monday’s non-waiver trade deadline could carve out a longer-term position for Thompson, should he discover some effectiveness he’s yet to show at the top level. Basically, every scenario is still in play, and we’re left to just kind of hope it all works out. Somehow, some way.

Go team!