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Phillies trade talk: Can Jeremy Hellickson be moved?

On Episode 137 of The Felske Files host John Stolnis wonders if the Phils will ever be able to trade their veteran right-handed starter, with CSN Philly’s Corey Seidman.

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The trade deadline is this Monday and, so far, only one of the Phils’ veteran pieces has moved on to a contender, Pat Neshek, dealt to the Rockies for three A-ball players.

Other veterans who could have moved are hurt and probably won’t be dealt until next month. But one player who is healthy and has seemingly been on the trade block since he put on Phillies pinstripes is starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson.

Hellickson has not been as effective in 2017 as he was last year, with a 4.73 ERA and a FIP of 5.50 in 20 starts this year. His strikeouts per nine innings has dropped from 7.33 to 5.21 this season and opponents are hitting .255 against him.

And yet, there are teams who need starting pitching help, even if it is just for the sake of depth. Francisco Liriano, who has been perhaps even more terrible than Hellickson this year (5.99 ERA, 4.91 FIP) is being talked about as a potential target for the Kansas City Royals (although many believe teams are looking at him as a bullpen piece), and there are other clubs who are looking to shore up their rotations, albeit many of them looking for high-end pieces like Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish.

The Phils missed their chance to deal Hellickson at the trade deadline last year, when the market featured fewer starters available and he was having a better season. But will he get moved within the next few days? If not, he will certainly clear waivers, and an August deal would be possible, too.

But the simple question remains, would a contender in need of starting pitcher see Hellickson as an upgrade, even if the Phils agreed to pay all of his salary?

Joining John Stolnis on the podcast this week is CSN Philly’s Corey Seidman, who broke down Hellickson’s future as well as what else the Phillies might do over the next few days before the July 31 trade deadline.

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