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The Dirty Inning, Episode 12: An extra tomato for Dick Bartell

1938 brought about the end of the Phillies' time in the Baker Bowl with a resounding 14-1 loss to the New York Giants. What a time to be alive! Though we were not.

The Good Phight''s Deputy Editor Justin Klugh and contributor Dr. Trevor Strunk continue their anthology of the worst innings the Phillies have ever played with the bottom of the third in a truly humiliating game against the New York Giants on June 30, 1938.

Learn more about the Phillies' final game, final loss, and almost final inning every played in the Baker Bowl, and get a glimpse at Trevor's past as a boppin' Brooklyn socialite in 2009 that eventually led to the darkest chapter of his life!

Eventually, folks... we all play our Dirty Inning.