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Futures Game Open Thread: Scott Kingery and Rhys Hoskins represent the Phillies

Watch the stars of tomorrow play today!

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 MLB Futures Game starts today at 4pm ET, and it’s the perfect place for you to watch two of the most exciting prospects the Phillies have in their minor league system. Newly promoted second baseman Scott Kingery and home run thumping first baseman Rhys Hoskins are representing the Phillies on the US team.

Holy crap I’m psyched, and I hope you are, too. You can catch the game on TV on MLB Network, or streaming on And I urge you to stop by and take a look, because even though Kingery and Hoskins might not be in the game, it’s a chance to see the future of MLB. And that’s not just some marketing line. Last year’s game featured a number of young players who are now actually in the majors, like Boston’s Andrew Benintendi, Houston’s Alex Bregman, and Atlanta’s Dansby Swanson. It’s also a chance to see Yoan Moncada, MLB’s No. 1 ranked prospect.

Good luck to Scott and Rhys (yes, I feel like I can be on a first name basis with them now), and feel free to excitedly discuss them and all the prospects in the comments below.