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Ace. Phillies 3, Mets 1

It’s time to call it like it is, folks...

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Sure, you can talk about the offense, how Cesar Hernandez’s and Freddy Galvis’ clutch hitting led to the two runs.

Maybe even tonight could have been about the pregame ceremonies, tremendously moving, as they usually are when the Phillies honor their past.

However, this night was about one thing and one thing only.

It was Aaron Nola Night, and boy did he live up to it.

It almost wasn’t to be. The team, due to the impending weather that was forecasted, almost decided against having him start the game.

Luckily, more reasoned people decided to “tough it out” by letting him start. Good thing too, since nary a drop hit the ground during the game.

There wasn’t much going on in this game. As I mentioned before, the offense didn’t get going until the fifth, when four singles by Nick Williams, Maikel Franco and the aforementioned Hernandez and Galvis were enough to plate two runs. They needed them too, because longtime Phillies nemesis was at it again, depositing Nola’s only mistake of the night into the left field stands for his <checks calculator> 5,367th home run against the Phillies. The team would add an insurance run in the eighth, thanks to Odubel Herrera’s single that extended his hitting streak to 15 games. Unfortunately, heralded rookie Rhys Hoskins had another tough night and is still looking for his first major league hit. Makes you wonder...

The best part of the night was this.

With a runner on in the sixth and two outs, Nola stared down Cespedes yet again. After going 0-2 on him, Nola got a little nasty and threw one up near Cespedes’ obnoxious necklace. Then, this:

Excuse me while I go look for a fan to cool myself off.

It’s tough to put into words anymore how good Nola has actually been. Luckily, others already did!

Now that we can confidently say he is fully healthy, it’s say to declare: Aaron Nola is an ace.

He’s our ace.

Let’s appreciate his starts, every single one of them.