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Phillies news & links — Alumni extravaganza

Today we’re focusing on former Phillies of the recent and long past.

MLB: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

On this fine morning, after such a wretched weekend, let’s focus on some happy things.

Ryan Howard is at it again

Ryan Howard, god love him, is still looking for a place to play baseball. After being released by the Braves earlier this season (he never made it past Triple-A), the Rockies have picked him up. He’s with their Triple-A team, the Albuquerque Isotopes, and he looks just like he always has.

I miss him.

Silver fox Chase Utley is profoundly awesome

I’m not sure where you are right now, or what you’re doing, but I demand that you watch this video.

That’s Chase Utley, looking so, so silver foxy, talking about an incident with a really stupid umpire who wouldn’t get out of his line of sight. Infielders have the right to a direct line of sight to home plate, so Utley asked the guy to move. And he wouldn’t. And Utley, uh, made his displeasure known, and was thrown out.


Larry Bowa is unrecognizable

I was going to try and do some kind of guessing game with this, but it’s easier if I just link to the tweet and then imagine the reactions of everyone who reads this. Because Larry Bowa is absolutely unrecognizable.

NO SERIOUSLY WHO IS THAT. The caption SAYS that’s Larry Bowa. So I really have no choice but to believe that’s him. BUT IS IT!?!?!???!?!

Phillies celebrate Alumni Weekend

It was a thankfully Pete Rose-free Alumni Weekend in Phillies land. And it was as celebratory as it could be. Everyone’s favorites were there, but it wasn’t as light-hearted as it’s been in the past. The loss of Dallas Green earlier this summer and the very recent death of Darren Daulton hung over the proceedings. And the Phillies did an excellent job of paying tribute to them both.

Dutch’s 1993 teammates found a special way to pay tribute to their departed leader.